The Four Decisions™ for driving growth.

Today's business environment can be an unforgiving place with all its uncertainty and distractions it is hard to focus on what is really important. At First & Main we bring a practical, concise and disciplined process to help CEOs and their executive teams make the right decisions when it comes to four key areas: people, strategy, execution and cash. It may not sound sexy, but it is about getting important things done!.

Where ulcers begin?

  • Would you enthusiastically rehire every one of your employees?
  • Do you know what percent of your people are performing at an “A” level?
  • How do you consistently attract top talent?
  • Do you have a disciplined hiring system that will ensure 90% “A” players, on all levels?

One page People tool

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Top Line Fading?

  • Is your company different? If so, how does it diverge from your competition?
  • Great Strategic planning process, but then nothing happens?
  • How well do your priorities for the quarter, year and three years align?
  • Do your long term corporate goals influence day to day decisions?
  • Is execution built into your strategy?

One page Strategic Planning tool

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Getting Things Done

  • Our strategy had created an advantage in the market, but we still can’t make money.
  • Is the management aligned around the top 3 priorities?
  • Are your scheduled meetings focused on achieving the priorities or the latest problem?
  • Does your staff know what the MOST important priority is and how it is measured?
  • Is someone accountable for this priority and supported by the management team?

    One page Rockefeller Habits Execution Checklist

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Where is it going?

Fast growing companies eat up cash. We encourage you to track how long it takes to spend a dollar and then get it back. Think about how long the cycles are for sales, creating and delivering product, then billing and collecting. The responsibility to shorten these cycles is not only for the CFO, Comptroller or Owner, but for everyone involved in these processes.

Cash tool

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"“In a very compressed period of time, our Gazelle’s coach, Bob Shannon, has helped our executive and ownership groups achieve greater clarity and focus. After years of sporadic strategic planning and wrestling with questions of culture, vision, purpose, core values and being results oriented, we are finally making real progress. Bob has helped us create effective change by his unwavering focus on reality and on us his client. We are fortunate to receive the benefits of his past executive experiences.” -

~ Carter Heim, Managing Partner, Heimlantz Business Accounting
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